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Boracay Useful Information

Boracay Island, the most popular beach resort & travel destination in the Philippines, was ranked #7 in the ten Top Beaches in the world in May 2007 by both the Chicago Tribune & the New York Newsday, based on user ratings from Yahoo! Travel.

Boracay Beaches

  1. The area where Angol Beach is located was originally the lively part of the island, the first area to be developed when tourists arrived in Boracay.
  2. Balinhai Beach is a quiet little private beach far removed from the busy White Beach.
  3. Head straight for Barazula Beach if you fancy a quiet day with the family, or even just to enjoy swimming or snorkeling in a secluded beach. This lovely hideaway is in the southern end of the island.
  4. Bulabog Beach, although second only to White Beach in popularity, has made Boracay famous as the kiteboarding and windsurfing capital of Asia.
  5. Who said Boracay is spoilt?! Could Panoly Beach be the next White Beach? So far there is only one hotel on this beautiful stretch of sand, and not too many people around.
  6. This is White Beach — the most popular and developed beach in Boracay. Most people who go to Boracay for a short vacation only see this part of the Island.

Panoly Beach: A Secluded & Private Hideaway

Who said Boracay is spoilt?! Could Panoly Beach be the next White Beach? So far there is only one hotel on this beautiful stretch of sand, and not too many people around.


Bulabog Beach: Windsurfing &
Kiteboarding Capital of Asia

The eastern part of Boracay Island is where you'll find Bulabog Beach.

This beach, although second only to White Beach in popularity, has made Boracay famous as the kiteboarding and windsurfing capital of Asia.


Enjoy Your Vacation in Paradise by Swimming or Snorkeling in Boracay's Crystal Clear Waters



Swimming & Snorkeling in Boracay

Boracay is home to currently more than 15 topnotch diving schools with most of them offering PADI-certified courses. Boracay is considered by diving enthusiasts as one of Asia's most popular diving locations.

You do not have to go far from the main island itself to enjoy the beauty of Boracay's spectacular tropical marine life, which is appealing not only to regular divers, but also to those of you who enjoy underwater photography.

There are several excellent Boracay Island dive sites. The more popular ones for both beginners and advanced divers can be found along the western coast of Boracay Island mostly fronting the 7-km long White Beach:

Boracay: One of Asia's Most Popular Scuba Diving Areas




  • Angol Point - the reef here is shallow and is a good place for beginners who are just learning to dive. You can find a variety of tropical fish and snakes around this location.
  • Coral Garden - this is also ideal for divers who are just starting out. There's a variety of tropical fish and the coral garden is outstanding.
  • Wreck Camia - this dive is for the more advanced divers due to its depth. There's an artificial wreck down at around 30 meters to simulated wreck diving.
  • Lobster Rock - as the name implies this dive is next to a large rock which rises about 10 meters high. There's also an abundance of tropical marine life here.
  • Virgin Drop - a drop or drop-off in diving is a sea wall or underwater cliff that literally goes straight down to the bottom of the ocean floor. In this scuba diving site, the drop-off could go as deep as 50 meters at some stage. This dive site is definitely only for the more advanced -- and adventurous -- divers.
  • Friday's Rock - the beauty of marine life in this dive cannot be overemphasized. It is a sight that's awesome to behold, and can be an unforgettable scuba diving experience.
  • Diniwid - this dive starts off with a gentle slope, but drops to more than 20 meters at some point. This dive has a rich coral garden and would appeal to the more seasoned diver.
  • Baling Hai - The sea depth at this dive site could go as deep as 20 meters. This dive is more for the advanced diver.
  • Punta Bunga - This site has a very deep drop, as much as 50 meters, and should only be attempted by the more advanced divers.
  • Santosan - the shallow depth can be perfect for the beginner and those taking basic diving courses.
  • Yapak - although many say that this is the best dive site is Boracay, it is a dive that should be attempted only by the more experienced diver as it goes down to more than 65 meters.


Beach Frisbee: the Ultimate Sport?



Frisbee in Boracay

Beach frisbee is the same game that kids played in their backyards or in parks close to home. It involves the throwing and catching of a light, saucer-like disc, with players alternating between thrower and catcher. Frisbee has remained popular as a children's toy or as a recreational beach toy. Only now it has also taken on the status of a competition sport.





Record-Setting Tourist Arrivals

Earlier this year, Koreans broke the record set by the Americans in 2006 as the Philippines top tourist arrivals. Koreans are going to the Philippines both as tourists and as investors.

The Philippine Department of Tourism has released figures showing Koreans leading with 572,133 arrivals, followed closely by the Americans with 567,355, and the Japanese next with 421,808. Roughly, a third of the total tourist arrivals went to Boracay Island.

The Main Attraction

What exactly attracts these visitors to this Island Paradise in the Philippines? Koreans are mostly attracted to the country's beaches, golf courses, cheaper education and other business opportunities. Undoubtedly, Boracay stands out as the ideal place for a relaxing and enjoyable vacation.

Boracay Island Beach Resort

Boracay's beaches rival those found in the U.S. and Australia. In May, 2007, two noted American newspapers, the New York Newsday and the Chicago Tribune reported that users of Yahoo! Travel rated only three other countries outside of the U.S. in the Ten Top Beaches in the world: Cancun, Mexico (3rd place), Boracay Island, Philippines (7th) and Sydney, Australia (9th).

This Beach Resort Stands Out from the Rest

Perhaps the beaches in the U.S. are more accessible to travelers. However, Boracay Island stands out from the rest. Visitors like the treatment they receive in the Philippines because Filipinos are very hospitable.

The Filipino hospitality is a unique trait among Filipinos. There is this unusual desire to please the guest, no matter what the outcome. Filipinos know this, but foreigners who have never associated with Filipinos before are unaware of this distinctive Filipino character.

Travel & Adventure

There are so many unusual sights & exciting things to do in this little-known paradise in the Philippines that this alone is enough reason to visit the place. However, the one exceptional advantage it has over the rest of world is — the Filipino hospitality.

When you travel to Boracay Island, Philippines, you do not go there just for the beaches. You visit the place because of its appealing holiday atmosphere. You go there because Filipinos treat you as someone special and not just as a tourist out for a good time.

Have a Wonderful Time!

Now is the time to go. Experience this wonderful feeling of being looked after as someone special.

Here's what you can do in this tucked-away haven:


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