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Brookes Point (Palawan, PH)
$466,800 USD Investment Opportunity

"Good for Investment" 
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Address: Bartaraza, Palawan, Philippines
Type: Residential
Style:  Other
Lot Type: Rectangular
Lot Size:  960000sq. m. 

96 Hectares of Agricultural/Forestry and Mining Investment Property in Bataraza, Palawan, Philippines!

Agricultural Land, Farm, Vacant Land, Business-Income Generating
Lot size in sq. meters:
Price in PHP:
Price in USD:

96 Hectares of Property Investment Opportunities


Philippine mining industry have reached a total of US$1.4 billion and the biggest slice amounting to US304.59 million came from Palawan. Coral Bay Mining Corporation’s (CBMC-Filipino-Japanese joint venture) project is the largest with investments amounting to US$304.59 million and an additional US$230 million in 2007 in Barangay Rio Tuba, Bataraza which is 28 km from the property. Pls Call: Ric Inting, +63917-546-7098, email:

Philippines and Indonesia account for 95 percent of the world’s nickel exports. Palawan is rich in deposits of minerals both metallic and non metallic with nickel as its major export– $ 12, 677,194.00 -- %69 of the mineral exports of Palawan including quantity of copper, nickel, manganese and chromites, other deposits like silica, limestone, gold and iron, asbestos, talc, clay and sulfur. China’s increasing population and rapid urbanization mean a sustainable demand for more structural developments. As a result, the demand for industrial metals such as nickel and copper continue to exert an upward pressure on the prices of industrial metals.

Japan’s focus on the rebuilding and restructuring from the devastation of the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami has increased the demand for nickel and other industrial metals to make steel.



Cocolands for copra.
Rice fields for rice exports.
Grazing land for cattle raising.
Cashew Nuts and fruit orchards.
Big trees perfect for domestic and export furniture business.
Visit the hidden and untrampled beauty of Bataraza where the 96 hectares of investment property is located (Sandoval, Bataraza). Explore scenic islands and islets surrounding the last mainland municipality of Palawan.
Discover the mystery of the exciting and marvelous waterfalls beneath imposing tall tress and sweet humming birds and dig into the inner of Gangub cave and see for yourself the replica and symbol of sacred adoration.
At present, the Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation Owners are in a meeting with their Japanese counterparts Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Company has always needed limestone deposits for extracting and refining nickel.
Currently, they are about to tap all their mining areas and their limestone quarry Ocayam has been depleted already and practically leveled the grounds and mountains of Brgy. Ocayam, Brgy. Taratak and part of Brgy Sandoval. Rio Tuba Nickel Mining Corporation has been given the permission to continue their mining project until the 28th of April 2030.


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